Code of Conduct

MODESTO MARTIN has a basic code of conduct for his professional performance and relationship with his clients and suppliers.Everybody who is part of his firm´s team freely accepts to comply with this code to its highest standars.

We are obliged to comply with all the norms regulated by our profession, which is controlled by the advise Professional College in each specific area.

These norms in their entirety are a model of non negotiable behaviour that helps us to continue improving and being able to offer the best service possible.

The indispensable values imply a commitment to customer service, quality, partnership, professional ethics and improvement.

Attention to the client requires a level of constant dedication and demands close contact with him/her, knowing and understanding their problems to be able to find the most adequate solution for each moment. The interests of our clients are our own interests.

The assessment and customer satisfaction is key to the recognition of the firm and its growth.
All objectives of the firm are bound to this basic principle, by which is essential to know their opinion and satisfaction, so that can be corrected immediately deficiencies which may exist for improvement where necessary.

Following this, the quality will be reflected by checking that the signature indexes marked as essential.

The relationship between professionals is essential to get the answers that satisfy customer problems. Teamwork ensures that objectives are met with maximum efficiency and avoid internal competition would only hinder the good work of the whole. The customer issues requiring expertise in many areas of work. A comprehensive service requires the involvement of different people with specific training in each area.

We undertake to always act with legal compliance and above it with a professional ethic that makes a performance at all times.

Together we review that all principles are met, to meet the demand with the highest quality possible.