Modesto Martín, a new image for a new phase.

The Company Modesto Martin has recently renewed its corporate image as part of its new strategy that the company has adopted since the second semester of 2011, entering a new phase offering improved and greater professional services.

It started its journey in the field of Administration of Properties, under the name of “Chefinad”, but with the increase in its services and clients has obliged the company to make a series of changes which have improved its services considerably.

Modesto Martin, takes its name from its founder and partner with a clear vision to offer a direct and close relationship with its clients.

The experience accumulated in all these years has permitted it to grow in a sustained way, offering their clients a multi-disciplined assessment provided by professionals with wide experience and knowledge of the sector.

The recognition of our clients has lead us to take this new road where continued improvement and yet close contact are the basic pillars.

The specialization in Legal Advisory Service is an added value that the Company division dealing with Community Management benefits from, offering a more professional and improved quality service.

The corporate image managed by the publicity agency Boceto Comunicación following a tender for ideas in which three other agencies competed.